This December, Matt Pocock and Mark Ferguson completed The Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat Challenge, running over 300 kilometers in 6 days, before finishing with the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, where they were joined by the TGF team. They ran through rural Cambodia, from the modern capital to the ancient, to raise $90,000 for the work Temple Garden Foundation does in Chi Kraeng District, Siem Reap Province – one of Cambodia’s poorest areas.

Over a year ago, they got the idea to do the run after attending a TGF fundraising dinner, and began planning, with the help of their ever-supportive wives, to make it a reality. They wrote blog posts in the lead up to, and during the challenge, which outline not only the physical challenges, but some of the thoughts that went through their heads as they prepared for and undertook this unbelievable feat. They battled the distance, the heat, dogs, constant pain, and a very limited diet of vegetable fried rice for the week! The blogs can be read by visiting We encourage you to give it a read, to get an idea of what over 300km of running feels like!

Mark Ferguson running near Kumrou village

It was especially amazing for them to run through Chi Kraeng district, which required a detour of about 40 kilometers from their route! They ran through many communities that will be benefit directly from the funds they are raising, and got to meet many residents of the area, as well as the TGF staff working with them!

The funds they raised are a huge deal, accounting for almost a quarter of TGF’s operational budget for 2018. This money will go towards improving people’s lives in Chi Kraeng District, and we cannot wait until Matt, Mark and their families can come back and see the impact they made on the area. Until then, all of us at TGF would like to thank Matt and Mark for their incredible effort!

Matthew Pocock on the home stretch just outside Tapor village


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