Here is an example of a typical day for TGF field staff – that is, programme staff and drivers, who bring life changing projects to Chi Kraeng district.

Starting bright and early, TGF programme staff and drivers converge at the Head Office in Siem Reap for 7am, when the TGF mini-bus leaves for Chi Kraeng district. It takes anywhere between 70-90 minutes to travel the 70km, depending on very changeable traffic and road conditions. This early in the morning, staff listen to music, read the news on their phones, or mostly fall into a deep bus-sleep.

By 8.30am, the bus will have arrived in Kompong Kdei, and everyone hops off, to go into the TGF Sub Office (SO), after taking their footwear off at the door. After spending 30 or so minutes preparing, programme staff gather their things and head into the field area in three TGF jeeps, and two motorbikes. Target villages can be as close as a 10 minute drive, or as far as an hour long trek from the SO.

In dry season, dusty conditions can affect traction, and plumes of dust get thrown up by anything with four wheels. In wet season, deep ruts are carved into the road, making the going slow. In times of flooding, sections of road can be swept away, rendering them impassable – very few sections of road are paved in Chi Kraeng. TGF’s three drivers are challenged by road conditions every day. Once they arrive at their target area, they can finally get to work, delivering programming to sustainably improve livelihoods for people living in rural Cambodia.

From the time they leave the SO, until they return for 4pm, TGF programme staff are busy delivering one of twenty projects, across four programmes: Water & Sanitation (WS), Health (HP), Child Education (CEP) and Income Generation (IG). Our programmes reach 59 villages, across five communes. If staff presence is not required in the field, they would usually spend their time completing project preparation or data entry at the SO. To learn about each project, and to stay up to date with TGF activities, please visit the Programmes page, and our Facebook page.

At 4pm, the bus fills up again, and programme staff leave the SO in Kompon Kdei, to make their way back to Siem Reap town, usually for 5.30pm. For our eight programme staff and three drivers, this is the daily routine undertaken from Monday- to-Friday, in an effort to empower people in Chi Kraeng district to improve their livelihoods, so that rural Cambodians don’t get left behind in a rapidly developing country.

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